We are currently looking for a part-time, remote Social Media Editor to work on Saturdays and Sundays. This is a great opportunity to use your creative skills to create and edit content on a wide range of social media verticals for a leading entertainment website, which also happens to be in the top 50 in all internet websites in the United States. Don’t take our word for it, check it out at https://www.quantcast.com/ranker.com.

This is definitely not your everyday social media position, as we are focused on finding creative writer/editors who are basically culture junkies/ trivia nerds who know a LOT about a variety of relevant topics or are otherwise into obscure/ weird stuff at a deep level. For example, are you the gal or guy on your trivia team that everyone turns to when there’s a question about pop music? Do you listen to true crime podcasts and forget that you’re not supposed to talk about serial killers at house parties because it might make the wrong impression. If this sounds like you, this job might just be a good fit!

Here are some examples of some of the Social Media verticals we create:

Weird History: https://www.facebook.com/rankerweirdhistory
Total Nerd: https://www.facebook.com/rankertotalnerd/
Graveyard Shift: https://www.facebook.com/rankergraveyardshift/

Want to be part of our Social Media team? Here’s how you’ll know if you’re going to love this job:

First, what’s in it for you:

  • You’ll have the chance to express your creativity in front of a very large audience (think 100K to well over a million people) in a company that really lets you run with YOUR ideas.

Who we believe will do great in this role:

Again, if you know a LOT about culture (think: urban legends, world history, books, games) and know how to write clean, snappy, intelligent, and compelling copy, you might be good fit for this role. In addition, we tend to focus on those candidates that have:

  • EXCELLENT writing, editing, and communication skills. If you love to write, you’re going to do really well here.
  • Demonstrated social media savvy – we’re looking for people that can creatively reach out and engage an audience. Do you have your own web series or blog? We like that. Do you have a ton of Twitter followers? We like that too! Photoshop and graphic design chops are also a big plus, but not wholly necessary.
  • Viral intuition – Do you ever see something on Reddit and think, “Hmm. That looks like something else I’ve seen before.” Great impulse. We do that hourly. Recognizing patterns intuitively and knowing how to apply them is half the battle and spotting something trending and remembering that we have a piece of content that fits with it is huge.

If this sounds exciting, here’s what we need from you:

  • Since this isn’t a traditional job, just looking at your resume may or may not tell us much, and we would hate to ignore a good candidate who is perfect for this role but has been, for example, waiting tables or doing office admin. So feel free to send us anything about yourself to help prove to us that you have the right background – blog or social media posts, nerdy spreadsheets you keep for yourself, whatever. It doesn’t have to be fancy, we just need some sense of what you’re into and how deep you’re into it.
  • That said, provide a cover letter giving color/examples of how you meet and exceed the qualifications listed above. And yes, we are looking at your cover letter to get an idea of your writing style, so smart, funny letters really stand out.
  • Links to any social media properties you’ve helped program, particularly entertainment-focused channels. If you don’t have any social media programming experience, it’s not a dealbreaker for us, so don’t be afraid to apply anyway.
  • As we are a site with lists about literally everything, and we like editors who know lots about lots of things, it is also super helpful if you list in your cover letter any areas of expertise you have, from the broad to granular.


About Ranker:

Ranker is a data-driven media company, the #1 online destination for opinion-based, crowdsourced rankings of everything. The company’s technology is centered on user engagement, turning its lists into the “best possible rankings” via the wisdom of crowds. A Quantcast Top 50 site, Ranker attracts more than 40 million monthly unique visitors, and outperforms almost every other publisher in time-on-site per visit. As a result, Ranker is a treasure-trove of consumer sentiment data with more than 250 million votes gathered to date on over 100,000 unique items, generating a deep and precise interest graph which the company launched as a b2b tool in 2016 to augment the existing ad-based business. Ranker is headquartered in Los Angeles, California.

Ranker will consider for employment qualified applicants with criminal histories, in accordance with the Los Angeles Fair Chance Initiative for Hiring.