350.org is looking for a Web Products Manager that will be supporting every aspect of the data program behind 350’s effective digital advocacy campaigns.

About 350.org

350.org is building a global grassroots movement to solve the climate crisis. Our online campaigns, grassroots organizing, and mass public actions are led from the bottom up by thousands of volunteer organizers in over 188 countries. 350.org works hard to organize in a new way—everywhere at once, using online tools to facilitate strategic offline action. We want to be a laboratory for the best ways to strengthen the climate movement and catalyze transformation around the world. The values that guide and drive our work are listed here.

350.org is an equal opportunity employer. 350.org strives to be an inclusive and collaborative group of people who bring a variety of approaches to the work we do. We’re committed to the principles of justice, and we try to build a safe workplace where everyone is treated fairly and enjoys working together. We value new perspectives, ideas of all sorts, and different ways of working. Diverse perspectives and experiences improve the way 350.org carries out our work – including what we decide to work on and how creatively/effectively we do that. We do our best to make staff positions accessible to all potential team members, regardless of race, national origin, ethnicity, age, disability, assigned gender, gender expression or identity, sexual orientation or identity, religion or creed, veteran status, marital or parental status, and genetic information. We also strive to include team members in communities most impacted by climate change or impacted by other kinds of environmental, social, and economic injustice.

About the Digital Team

The Digital Team at 350.org is transforming in order to better support our amazing community of campaigners and volunteers throughout the world. We are currently developing a dedicated Product Team that will focus on strengthening four pillars of our digital products: Data Science, Organizing and Campaigning Products, Web Products and CRM. 350.org is currently seeking strategy-minded professionals to join this team in its first stages of development, people who are not just great technologists, but strategic thinkers who can help us build, integrate and continue to innovate systems to be used across the organisation. Are you looking for a dynamic, creative team that is evolving to better support activists doing incredible work? Keep reading.

About the Web Products Manager

The role of the Web Products Manager is to seek out and understand the web-related needs of the organisation, synthesize these needs into achievable deliverables, own and maintain the product roadmap, and manage the team to effectively deliver on it. This person must be an excellent communicator and advocate both up and down for leadership, the staff and constituents, as well as the web team and relevant external consultants’ capacity to deliver. The relevant product domain includes the evolving functionality of the main website and other distributed websites and microsites, custom web tools, and web-based elements of other digital products (e.g. donation, signup, event pages, etc).

Note that the Web Products team is not responsible for content, but instead is focused on giving the other teams such as communications, fundraising, and campaigning/organising staff across the organisation ever-improving platforms with which to do their work. The Web Products Manager also works hand in hand with the other product managers on the highly coordinated digital products team.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Create/own/manage product roadmap for website and web tools.
  • Engage and manage external expertise for advanced strategic and technical guidance and execution.
  • Clarify and help enforce lines of authority on key subjective areas of expertise related to website.
  • Gather organizational requirements for web products, working closely with staff and leaders around organization.
  • Understand the landscape of options, opportunities, costs.
  • Protect team’s ability to set realistic goals and achieve the Product Team vision.
  • Protect priorities of organization and staff, passionate about delivering the tools and quality necessary.
  • Coordinate win-win solutions with peer product managers on shared projects.
  • Holding responsibility for page testing and ensuring web page design is optimised.


Technical Skills: Technical experience and understanding are helpful, and an array of experience in strategic technical roles is important. However, this role will be significantly more focused on leadership and strategy, as well as being able to translate user needs into well-defined requirements and user stories to be implemented by internal and external technical resources. The most important technical skill is the ability to manage technical staff and external developers and understand the details of what they are doing.

Self-Management: Ability to set professional boundaries. Resilient and able to manage self and keep composure in times of stress. Able to work independently with minimum supervision.

Management of others: Ability to ignite the interests and proclivities of the team to get top quality work, while protecting their prioritised workloads. Able to advocate both for the needs and mission of the organization as well as the challenges facing the team. Relentless to remove roadblocks to the team’s success.

Communication: Effectively craft and deliver concise and informative communications. Ability to listen to and address concerns of others, and to transfer and translate information from one level or team of the organization to another.

Justice and Equity: Must embrace the principles of workplace justice, diversity and inclusion and apply them to day-to-day work.

Others: Organized, detail oriented and accurate. Able to create work plans and anticipate deadlines. Be comfortable juggling multiple priorities with competing deadlines. Must believe and embrace 350.org’s vision, mission, and progressive values.

Required Qualifications:

  • Experience in web product management
  • Able to develop and drive forward the vision and strategy of the product team
  • Highly detail-oriented
  • Aligned with our organisational mission of fighting for climate justice
  • Able to balance staff and constituent needs
  • Exceptional communication skills
  • Exceptional organisational skills
  • Exceptional writing and presentation skills
  • Excellent facilitation skills

Instead of a traditional cover letter, please answer the following questions: 

  1. Why do you want the job?
  2. Why and how are you qualified?
  3. Make a list of the required qualifications that you meet and provide brief (a sentence or two) context for how you meet this requirement

Work Environment: This job can be performed remotely, candidates from all timezones strongly encouraged to apply.

Travel: From time to time, travel may be required, both internationally and domestically

Position Type: Full time

Application Deadline: Although we hope to begin interviews during the week of November 26, this job is open until filled, or the hiring manager determines that they can no longer accept applications.

Start Date: As soon as possible.

Compensation: Competitive compensation based on experience

South Africa:  455,600 ZAR – 569,500ZAR

United Kingdom: 44,700GBP – 55,900GBP

United States: 64,000USD – 80,000USD

Location: This job can be performed remotely.

For US Roles: This position can be performed from our DC, Brooklyn, or Oakland office, or remotely in the following states: CA, CO, GA, MD, MA, ME,  MT, NY, NC, PA, VT, VA, WA, or Washington, DC.