Currently at Auth0 the approach towards testing is defined within the crews and there is no consistency across Engineering. The Test Lead will face the challenge of shaping and spreading a testing culture across the area. He will define processes, metrics, and best practices to ensure we ship with strong and consistent quality.

Engineer Lead – Test Automation

  • Define Auth0’s test strategy and evangelize it
  • Build and manage the test team
  • Define service maturity levels
  • Help define versioning and change management strategy
  • Determine whether a new service/component/feature is ready to be put into production from a requirements (performance, functionality, stress, etc.) perspective
  • Work with POs to understand release schedules and plan proper testing
  • Define the approach and infrastructure required for functional, stress, load, perf testing.

Test Automation Team

  • Collaborate with crews to define test requirements for each service.
    • Work with different crews (rotating per period) to define testing requirements per service.
    • Coach crew members on testing practices and help them set up their test suite as part of the CI pipeline
  • Collaborate with CS to understand common issues and come up with useful test scenarios
  • May collaborate with the Core Infrastructure team to investigate production issues and perform root cause analysis
  • Collect metrics and build dashboards that help foster a testing culture
  • Build the tools and infrastructure for Functional, Stress and Load Testing

Bonus points if

  • You have experience working on Performance and Stress tests
  • You possess knowledge about Context Driven Testing
  • You are familiar with:
    • nodejs
    • Selenium
    • Mongo
    • Elasticsearch

About Auth0

Auth0 is an enterprise-grade platform for modern identity. We give you tools that eliminate the friction of authentication for your applications and APIs - all accessible through your account dashboard.

You can easily and quickly connect your apps, choose identity providers, add users, set up rules, customize your login page and access analytics from your Auth0 dashboard. It really is identity made simple for developers.

We're a team of developers that got tired of the friction caused by complex identity environments. So we built a zero-friction, infinitely extensible, enterprise-class web-scale cloud solution that makes identity easy.

Ultimately, we strive for an internet with less passwords. Our goal is to make authentication and authorization easy, powering the login boxes of every application in the world. We're looking for people to join us on this journey.