HackerRank is a Y Combinator alumnus backed by tier-one Silicon Valley VCs. We are a skills-based hiring platform that helps companies evaluate technical skills, better. We’re driving a new paradigm shift by eliminating resumes and creating opportunities for hundreds of thousands of programmers worldwide. We have a community of 3.5M developers and 1,000 customers across industries, and the best part is we are just getting started. Our customers –  including VMware, Twitter, Capital One, and many other Fortune 100 companies – rely on HackerRank to build strong engineering teams.

We’ve assembled an amazing team that’s passionate about creating more opportunities for people by changing the way companies hire. We showcase extreme ownership and are data-driven givers, and we love delighting customers. If you’re interested in scaling HackerRank by working with some of the largest companies in the world, let’s talk.

HackerRank is hiring a leader to build a system for creating Computer Science challenges. Our mission at HackerRank is to match every developer to the right job, with the underlying driver being skill vs resumes. We are doing millions of developer assessments every quarter with customers across different industries from the internet, banking, retail, to automobile, that are using us for their entire technical recruiting process. What this means is, we are building an interesting data asset on the DNA for a {job role, company} and the DNA for a developer that helps us recommend the right jobs. We are consistently evolving every year to make the matching algorithm better.

One of the important parts of the matching algorithm is designing the right CS challenge that is both high quality & relevant to the job role that’s being assessed. The CS challenges (referred to as content going forward) is a core part of HackerRank. It helps us assess the skills of a developer in different areas.

We are looking for a leader who’s passionate about solving the problem of matching developers to the right job and has a developer mindset ready to build this.


You will manage & lead all content engineering efforts on HackerRank. This includes:

Content strategy: This involves building the overall strategy of what types of CS challenges should be built? taxonomy, type of challenges, the timeline to ship & owning the entire process end-to-end. Some of the strategies might change due to external market demands.

Building a system of crowdsourced generation of challenges: Moving from the Encarta model (generating a small number of challenges from a small set of experts) to Wikipedia model (generating a large number of challenges from the 3m+ developer community). Building this will come with its own challenges of ensuring we can retain quality and the right incentives at scale. This would involve building the right framework to manage the hundreds/thousands of challenge contributors and also managing a small team of curators

Quality control: There’s a difference between Quora answers vs Y! answers. Ensuring we have the right quality framework (for e.g. grammatically correct, crisp problem statements, relevant to the job role, code stubs present to make it easy for developers to get started, etc.) and continuously improving for all challenges is important. HackerRank challenges should be synonymous with HQ CS challenges.

GET EXCITED. Because you’re about to have a huge impact.

HackerRank is growing fast and we’re having a great time working together as we build! We’re a fun, friendly, passionate bunch. We’re a team of teams and we’re looking for more smiling faces to come to join us! The position is full-time and while we would want this person to be ideally in Bangalore or Palo Alto, for the right person, a remote position is OK too