We are seeking full-time designers (across various profiles) to work in the Design Division at IBM. Portfolio submission required. Must send PDF or URL for graphic design portfolio to be considered as a candidate.


  • Formal education or relevant experience in visual, interactive, or industrial design
  • Demonstrated foundation in visual, interactive or industrial design tools. i.e., must have the ability to use industry standard design tools at a minimum of an intermediate level or higher
  • Ability to pay close attention to detail* Ability to handle multiple projects under tight deadlines
  • Ability to work autonomously
  • Demonstrated written and verbal communication skills
  • Demonstrated interaction skills
  • Knowledge of HTMLDesigners will articulate and envision the future of IBMโ€™s entire portfolio of products, ranging from software, hardware to consulting.

This will include the following disciplines:

Front End Development

As a Front-End Developer, the candidate’s passion and experience for building responsive, elegant and engaging experiences with future friendly web technologies is palpable. They will lead the conversation about the various devices a person will use when engaging with our products; and their skill developing for mobile helps the candidate think about how to tie them together to create experiences. They will be mindful of emergent technologies and tie them into designs. They will collaborate on the overall design, creating prototypes to explore and demonstrate nuanced interaction patterns; which will influence or be the frameworks used for front-end applications. They will be working side by side with User Experience (UX) Designers and Software Engineers.

User Experience Design

As a User Experience Designer, the candidate is the master of information architecture, user interaction, intuitive workflows and content prioritization. They will work with Product Management and Design Researchers to obtain market and user research and translate it into a draft of what the product will look like, how it will behave, and how it ties back to the userโ€™s goals – typically in the form of wireframes. Industrial designers with strong interaction design skills are welcome to apply.

Visual Design

As a Visual Designer, the candidate will specialize in organizing information visually to engage audiences emotionally and communicate effectively. They will demonstrate exhibited skills in visual design principles including typography, layout, imagery, color, etc. Demonstrated skills in Photoshop, Illustrator, and other tools are a must. Their work will provide end-users with an instant emotional connection to a product even before they start using it.

Design Research

As a Design Researcher, the candidate will specialize in uncovering user needs. They will be able to demonstrate a foundation in qualitative and quantitative research methods and a practical ability to interview and observe users. They will also have demonstrated abilities to use analytical techniques and your own judgment to prioritize design work and communicate those results to other members of the design team. Their findings yield insights that can be used to determine what people need from their tools, the exact points where users are abandoning solutions, and even help uncover the next big innovation in a product line.

Our position offers an opportunity to develop design skills with a multidisciplinary team of developers, designers and business professionals focused on the next generation of software. You will gain real-life experience with a corporate position that will not only impact IBMโ€™s bottom line but also influence the future of software. Positions require that the candidate have a proven foundation in leadership, problem solving, analytical thinking, multi-tasking, written and verbal communication skills as well as a focus on customer success.

About IBM

IBM is a global technology and innovation company headquartered in Armonk, NY. It is the largest technology and consulting employer in the world, with more than 400,000 employees serving clients in 170 countries.

IBM offers a wide range of technology and consulting services; a broad portfolio of middleware for collaboration, predictive analytics, software development and systems management; and the world's most advanced servers and supercomputers.

Utilizing its business consulting, technology and R&D expertise, IBM helps clients become "smarter" as the planet becomes more digitally interconnected. IBM invests more than $6 billion a year in R&D, and just completed its 22nd year of patent leadership.

The company was behind the inventions of the PC; SABRE travel reservation system; UPC codes, Watson, the Jeopardy!-playing computing system, and much more.

From helping transform healthcare to improving the retail shopping experience, it's what IBMers do. Our work and our people can be found in all sorts of interesting places. Mathematicians, coders, and web designers contribute to creativity in the kitchen (Watson!), rerouting traffic jams, even designing the next generation fan experience in sports stadiums around the world. It's the kind of thing we've been doing for more than 100 years.

Apple. Twitter. Facebook. Hootsuite. Box. These are just a few of the global partners who work with IBM to develop powerful mobile apps and help enterprises make smarter decisions with data analytics and cloud technology. Join us and be part of a diverse and global team of thinkers and doers โ€“ people who want to make an impact, cultivate their expertise and collaborate with some of the worldโ€™s top business and technology professionals.