npm is the world’s largest software repository, with over 10 million users and over 13 billion downloads every month. Our engineering team builds software and services that have become essential to modern JavaScript development, and are used by every company that builds websites.

We are looking for someone who has worked with teams at startups before. You’ll make sure your team members are supported, and aid communication both within your team and with other teams. You’ll understand the company’s business goals and pro-actively align your team’s tasks and priorities to match. You’ll have experience hiring engineers, and helping them grow in experience and responsibility as a company evolves.

You have a background as an experienced engineer who exemplifies our engineering culture: flexible, pragmatic, communicative, and empathetic. You won’t be writing production code, but we’ll expect you to understand the software your team is building to a degree where you can meaningfully assist in architectural and implementation decisions, both by drawing on your own experience and providing the broader perspective on company goals that your position will give you.

Leaders at npm are evaluated based on the success of their team.ย  Your success in this role means pushing authority to information, mentoring your team to continually improve their skill, building trust for each other and for their colleagues, and adapting processes as necessary to execute on our mission.ย  We believe that having to tell people exactly what to do indicates a failure mode.

Our team is distributed across locations and timezones, so you must be comfortable with remote work and asynchronous communication patterns. Slack is the hub of all of our workflows, so your skill with textual communication is essential.

npm is an engineering-centric company and its engineering practices and culture are important to us. In this position youโ€™ll have a chance to influence that culture and help us live up to our values. We emphasize collaboration and thoughtful iteration on our processes as well as our code. We feel that people do their best work when in emotionally safe environments and in their best physical health, and our management team is tasked with creating the culture that makes this possible. Our wish is that we can enable everyone at npm to do the best work of their careers thus far, and set them up to do even better work after npm.

The work your team will be doing is vital to all of npmโ€™s product plans. It will affect the daily work of millions of JavaScript developers worldwide. If you want to lead an engineering team at the company that has revolutionized web development, this is the job for you.

We will be accepting applicants for this position through Monday, Nov 27, 2017.

About working here

You will most likely be working out of our headquarters in Oakland, California. While many of our team members are spread out around the globe, we will have a preference for local applicants, as this job will be easier with direct real-time communication with a majority of our team. We are open to considering experienced remote candidates, however! We cannot currently sponsor new work visas other than TN-1s, but we can transfer existing H-1Bs.

npm is not a typical early-stage โ€œwork hard/play hardโ€ startup. We are responsible adults with diverse backgrounds and interests, who take our careers and our lives seriously. The best way to iterate towards success is by taking care of ourselves, our families, our users, and one another.

We aim for a sustainable approach to work and life, because that is the best way to maximize long-term speed, while retaining clarity of vision. Compassion is our strategy.