Scott’s Cheap Flights is the world’s leading flight deal alert platform.

Our business model is simple: Our dedicated team will search for incredible deals on international flights around the clock. We’ll then alert subscribers when we find ones that depart from one of their favorite local airports.

Since opening up our platform in the public in 2015, more than 1,500,000 people around the world have subscribed for alerts on our hand-picked fares and other incredible deals. Our culture of Scott’s Cheap Flights fully embodies the company vision: to help people travel and experience more, while spending less.

Why work at Scott’s Cheap Flights? You want to be a part of something meaningful. We’re a 100% remote team at Scott’s Cheap Flights; distributed around the globe. We have a real team of travel aficionados whose only goal is to help you find the best flight fares for international travel. Our team selects the best offerings whether it’s airline mistake fares, secret sales, two-destinations-for-one flights — we make sure to only present you the best.

If you’re happiest and do your best work working remotely, alongside a small team of talented developers — where you’ll be exposed to a ton of ownership, autonomy and room for growth, then Scott’s Cheap Flights might just be a fit for you.

Curious to learn more? Check out Scott’s $1,000 round-the-world journey and read more from our community.

You can also listen to an in-depth podcast on Indie Hacker: Building a Million Dollar Mailing List with Scott of Scott’s Cheap Flights with Scott Keyes on how he grew the business.

Why we’re hiring a Senior Backend Developer:

We are seeking an experienced Senior Developer to join our fully-remote team and help us as we experience rapid growth. You will be responsible for building our next set of products and features and eventually growing and guiding our engineering team.

This is an opportunity to not only join an unrivaled company, one that is scaling quickly, but is also a chance for those who desire a leadership role, to pursue that path.


  • Build apps, features and tools for our 1,500,000+ subscribers, as well as our internal teams (Flight Search, Customer Advocacy, etc.)
  • Take concepts, wireframes, and designs from idea to prototype or product and everything in between working closely with the team
  • Design and run experiments
  • Manage processes that you have created to ensure our systems scale and can support our rapid growth
  • Implement tools and services to help us maximize the effectiveness of our website
  • Design and develop REST APIs
  • Evaluate, refine and optimize on a continuous basis
  • Collaborate with managers and team and develop a culture of creativity and technical excellence among our distributed engineering team

Qualifications & Requirements:

  • 5-7+ years of extensive experience developing websites, apps, APIs and tools from scratch using Ruby and Ruby on Rails and Javascript (ES6)
  • Deep knowledge of our tech stack: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Postgres, Redis, Javascript, ES6
  • You love getting your hands dirty and taking ownership for the products you’re working on
  • You have a proven understanding of performance and scalability of Ruby, Rails and web apps
  • You are experienced writing automated unit tests (integrated and functional test experience is a valuable bonus)
  • You have strong relational database modeling skills and can drop into SQL queries generated by an ORM to solve problems
  • You are extremely comfortable and effective working autonomously on a fully-remote team primarily during US time zones
  • You are an exceptional communicator, both verbally and through writing (we’re a remote team and frequently work asynchronously)

What we value:

  • Be a team player
  • Embrace change
  • Advocate for subscribers
  • Communicate clearly

Perks & Benefits:

  • Competitive compensation and equity
  • Unlimited PTO: We are a travel company, after all
  • 401k with a company match
  • Medical, Dental, and Vision: Premium plans for you and your dependents (for US-based employees)
  • Equipment: We’ll make sure you have the MacBook or other hardware that’ll help you succeed at your job

We’re a 100% diverse remote team:

  • Our team is distributed around the globeand as a remote-only company we have all of the infrastructure in place to work well both synchronously and asynchronously including Slack, Zoom, Google Team Drive, Geekbot, etc.
  • Since we don’t have any offices, nobody accidentally gets left out while the rest of the team huddles in a conference room or water cooler.

Sound like an amazing fit? Join us and do the best work of your life.

Please let us know by applying. We look forward to receiving your application. Be sure to include any information you think is relevant and why you’d be an excellent fit.

*Please note that we will consider applicants from all locations, but we are looking for somebody to work during US-timezones.