ModSquad is currently seeking an energetic, proactive Project Manager to join us on the Vimeo Project! Vimeo is a unique project in that it’s many smaller projects that fit into a very collaborative (and giant!) canvas. The PM for this role must not be afraid of humility, challenges, and must also be on a constant improvement mindset.

What you will do:

  • Support a group of very talented mods in customer service with a focus on professional development leading to lateral growth.
  • Assist with team recruiting, training, and performance management
  • Be willing and able to handle customer tickets
  • Oversee a team schedule to make sure all shifts are filled
  • Perform weekly and daily quality and productivity checks for all Mods
  • Work with Mods as an escalation point to troubleshoot issues and solve problems
  • Communicate clearly and consistently to the team and supervisors any changes, updates, or relevant information
  • Promote team collaboration, drive professional growth, and inspire innovation among the team by working closely with your management counterparts
  • Work with data significantly to tell the story of what we are attempting to fix, address, or propose
  • Be proactive in addressing trends, issues, or suggestions
  • Assist in Knowledgebase article and workflow creation/updates
  • Assist in macro creation/updates

Required Skills, Experience, and Work Mentality

  • You are currently working at a Lead or higher level within ModSquad
  • You are familiar with Zendesk and Zendesk Management. (Zendesk Insights & Explore is a huge plus!)
  • You can work 40 hours per week
  • You understand basic to moderate technical troubleshooting. Much of what we do is technical in nature
  • You are a team player and can work well within a multi-tiered, multi-team setting.
  • Titles are unimportant to you – you have no problem jumping in as needed and are driven to improve the project.
  • You are compassionate and empathetic while still holding Mods to exacting standards to ensure that they reach above their best!
  • You aren’t afraid of being given directions daily but are also willing to share your ideas on how to improve things
  • You are highly data-driven and understand not only the importance of metrics but also how to interpret them.
  • You are a proactive communicator – and can do so comfortably to both Mods, other (A)PMs, AMs, and the client.
  • You have a Kaizen mindset (“How can we make this better?”) at all times.

To Apply: Click the “Apply For This Job” link on this page.

Requirement: Remote patch management and endpoint security software installed by ModSquad

All interested parties will receive a response within two weeks.