πŸ‘‹ Thanks so much for checking out our job! We can’t wait to read your application and (hopefully) welcome you to our team! Even if this job is not a good fit for you, we will keep your contact details and email you about future jobs that fit your profile. We are going to be hiring a lot in 2022! πŸš€

πŸ§‘β€πŸ« Industry: Language Learning / Gaming
πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» Seniority: Mid-Level
🏒 Company Size: 10 to 15 employees

– ⏱ Flexible working hours (work whenever you want, but be available to chat during normal EST work hours)
– 🌍 100% Remote working (our fully distributed team is based in 10+ different countries worldwide)
– πŸ§˜β€β™‚οΈ No daily standups, and almost no meetings (we let you focus instead)!
– πŸš€ Make a real difference (we are launching in a few months, so this is a really exciting time to join!)
– 🐣 Be an early team member (as the company grows, your role will grow, and so will all the rewards!)
– 😎 A chilled out team (we work hard, but we do not micromanage at all)
– πŸ’° Salary of $3,000 a month

The Role

We are looking for a Marketing Manager to run and manage our Facebook/IG/TikTok ads. We are ideally seeking someone with experience with running paid ads to promote crowdfunding campaigns (Kickstarter primarily). We’re looking for a talented, experienced and hard working manager to make sure our creatives convert well and that we have the best chance at success for our upcoming Kickstarter campaign.

This job is projected to last 2-3 months however there is large potential for the job becoming a permanent full-time position and evolving as the company grows. We are a startup hence the opportunity for growth is considerable.

Here’s exactly what you’d be responsible for:

* Managing our ad campaigns on various platforms
* Copywriting
* Successfully running ads that meet our conversion and ROI goals

A candidate needs…

* Considerable experience successfully running ad campaigns on various platforms
* To be detail oriented and expert at the platforms they use
* Creative: We want someone that will experiment with copywriting and even the direction of our creatives if need be, we want someone who loves to AB test until they’ve found the perfect way to optimize conversion.

An ideal candidate has…

* Extensive experience running ad campaigns that promote crowdfunding projects
* A love for gaming
* A love for learning languages
* A strong talent for identifying and honing in on well converting target audiences.

Our Company

We’re a language learning app that will completely change the way people learn languages. We’re making a language learning app that is truly fun and addictive. It’s not simply β€œa gamified app”, it’s an actual game. A game that has been designed from the ground up to also be the most effective language learning system that’s ever existed. Other apps can be effective, but often are not truly fun and are very difficult to use consistently. Hence users rely on forcing themselves to use them. In contrast, our app inspires excitement, acts as a platform for learners to make friends, is extremely fun, easy to use consistently and therefore makes one’s language learning journey so much better.

We are all lovers of languages, and enjoy talking to each other on Slack. If you read this ad completely, please include the word ‘rocket’ in your application. We want someone who wants to join in with product discussions, and cares about the success of the product, so a proactive personality is a big bonus.

Interview Process
* Application form (below)
* We review your CV and any portfolio you may have
* Video call with CEO
* Decision made ASAP

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