Scott’s Cheap Flights is the world’s leading flight deal alert platform. We exist to help people travel and experience more, while spending less.

Our business model is simple: We search around the clocks for incredible deals on international flights, and alert our members to the best deals we find that depart from one of their favorite local airports.

Opening up our platform in the public in 2015, more than 1,500,000 people around the world have joined for hand-picked alerts for secret sales, mistake fares, mega sales, two-in-one deals and other incredible deals.

Curious to learn more? Check out Scott’s $1,000 round-the-world journey.

You can also read an in-depth interview with Co-founders Scott Keyes and Brian Kidwell on Indie Hackers, Scott’s Cheap Flights: From Small Side Project to Booming Business, on how they started and grew the business.

Why we’re hiring a knowledge base writer

We’re hiring a knowledge base writer to turn our most urgent and frequent questions into clear and concise articles to help our 1,500,000+ members around the work have access to immediate answers so they don’t miss the deal of a lifetime.

What we’re looking for in a knowledge base writer

* You’re a master in the art of breaking down complex processes into easy to follow steps.

* You know how to apply formatting (headers, bolding, icons, lists) to make the most important points pop, and everything easy to skim.

* You believe that a knowledge base is an opportunity to build trust and affinity, beyond simply answering their question.

* You’re independent and professional with a history of delivering high quality work on time with minimal guidance.

* Nice to have: You love travel and saving money!

Tone and style of our knowledge base

We’re friendly, fun and casual, without being sophomoric.

As a point of reference, we’re huge fans of the work that our friends over at Slack have done to create a knowledge base that’s both extremely detailed and easy to navigate.

Scope of the project

This is a project-based freelance role with the potential to continue as a regular contributor after the completion of the knowledge base. The initial phase includes ~75 articles — many shorter and several longer. Compensation will be on a project basis.

We’re hiring for this project immediately. If interested, please submit your application ASAP!

Writing test

Sound like an exciting project that aligns well with your superpowers? Please complete this brief exercise to give us a sense of how you think!

  1. Edit and format this article(“How Scott’s Cheap Flights Works”) to be ready for publishing on the knowledge base. Feel free to change or replace anythingyou want to improve the article.
  2. Create a Google Doc with your submission titled “Knowledge Base Writer | {Your Name} | Scott’s Cheap Flights” and share the link with your application.

If your writing test is a good fit for what we’re looking for, we’ll hire you to write an article from scratch before making an offer to write our knowledge base!