More than 4 million users and 70,000 paying customers depend on Buffer, and we’re grateful to work every day developing intuitive features to make their experience better. We’re looking for an engineering manager for our web product engineering team. You’ll be supporting 6-8 engineers across 1-2 teams and reporting to a director of engineering.


At Buffer, we value engineering managers who are able to craft a fulfilling work environment for each engineer and lead effective teams where folks are productive and contributing at a high level.

We value a diverse and inclusive work environment and are actively working on building a culture where under-indexed groups are truly welcome and can flourish. We expect that you will contribute actively to this aspect of our culture.

As an Engineering Manager at Buffer, you will:

Lead engineering team(s) to ship high quality software on predictable schedules during our six-week product cycles.

Manage the context in which team members operate, including:

  • Represent the team in planning and product meetings
  • Translate engineering team vision into action
  • Coordinate with Product Managers and other areas such as Quality, Marketing and Customer Advocacy.

Have regular one-on-one syncs with engineers, where you will:

  • Set expectations, provide regular feedback & keep team members accountable
  • Develop a strong two-way feedback loop where you share organizational context and build a deep understanding of the engineer and how they work
  • Support engineers and help reach a resolution when challenges arise
  • Craft a fulfilling and engaging work experience through regular career growth and development conversation

Iterate and improve our engineering processes and technical culture

Participate in hiring and onboarding of engineers

Maintain a strong and up-to-date understanding of the challenges and opportunities your team is facing building and deploying software. Most of your time won’t be spent coding, but you should get your hands in the code regularly to maintain context.

Helpful Skills and Experience

  • You have experience leading an engineering team, either as an engineering manager, or as a senior engineer/technical lead.
  • You’re capable of leading globally distributed team members who might have different skill sets from your own.
  • You have a deep understanding of how software is built and deployed. (Our buffer-web repo is currently transitioning from a PHP backend monolith with Backbone.js and React.js, to a service-oriented architecture using Node.js with React components. The API remains in PHP.)
  • Full stack engineering knowledge with any server-side language and JavaScript (on both client and server) would be helpful.
  • You have very strong verbal and written English communication skills.
  • You’re comfortable with participatory management.
  • You have a track record of holding a team accountable to goals and aligned with company-wide strategic priorities, while maintaining high levels of autonomy on your team.

What We Value

Clear communication, transparency, open-mindedness, empathy and patience are just a few of Buffer’s cultural values. We are looking for a person who understands this culture and will thrive within a team of people passionate about self-improvement, honesty and openness. Here’s a guide on how we strive to communicate with customers.

Buffer is an equal opportunity employer that has the chance to add teammates from anywhere in the world! We’re united by Buffer’s values, and we celebrate our unique differences.

Perks and Benefits

We hope that you’re excited by the possibilities that come with working at Buffer! In addition to our unique culture, we also offer these fun perks and benefits.

  • Technology: Get hooked up with a laptop to do your best work.
  • Learning & development stipend: To encourage our teammates to be their best selves, we offer a small stipend for any course or training they’d like to do.
  • Health insurance: We offer health insurance for all of our team members, international or US based.
  • Salary: Our salary formula adjusts to your cost of living and experience. For this role, the range is $95k – $145k per year.
  • Work remotely: Live and work from wherever you feel happiest.
  • Stock options: Joining the Buffer journey means you can choose to own part of the company.
  • Unlimited time off: Our only policy is that you give yourself a break regularly.
  • Retreats: Join us on annual international company retreats! Our last retreat was in Madrid, Spain.
  • Free books (and Kindle): All you can read, no questions asked.
  • Family Leave: If your family grows during your time at Buffer, we recommend taking anywhere from 1-3 months of family leave, regardless of when you joined.

Where You’ll Work

Buffer is a fully distributed team, which means that we’re spread across the planet. We have Bufferoos in 15 countries, 11 timezones and 42 cities around the world to build a great culture and product. You’ll work where you’re happiest and most productive, in the place that helps you to become the person you wish to be.

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Here’s a tentative hiring timeline for this role:

Feb. 19-March 16: Apply to join our team!

March 19-23: We’ll spend time reviewing applications.

March 26-April 13: Follow-up interviews with the team.