Modern Tribe is looking for a seasoned digital strategist with strong WordPress experience to join our growing team.

The Strategist works with our customers to help focus business objectives, and translate them into executable plans for our design and development teams. That requires a broad understanding of technology, how it can be used to accomplish objectives, and how that technology will intersect with individuals inside and outside of an organization. The strategist and the pm are our primary intersections with our clients – you are the face of our projects.

The strategist answers the question “What?” and helps the design and development teams answer the question “How?” They work with the Project Manager to answer the questions “When?” and “How Much?” You will be leading projects between 50k – 1M+ for world renown brands and our live well and do good work culture.

In projects where we are leading product development, the strategist is as much a business consultant as anything else. We provide expertise and guidance on workflows and structure, and how technology is used. We guide innovation, ensuring that product market fit is correct, and ensuring that new products exist at the intersection of business objectives and user goals.

We shepard products from just a glimmer to successful releases. This requires an understanding of the product development cycle, how to release and when to release, how to target an MVP and guide a product roadmap successfully.

Note that scoping + strategy experience are a must-have for this role; Modern Tribe is not interested non-technical candidates at this time.

Modern Tribe believes in quality. In our products. In our relationships. In our lives. We are 100% distributed and close as can be.


For our web projects, the strategist does much of the above coupled with work typically described as Content Strategy, or Design Thinking. The strategist leads user profile development, user flows, information architecture, and overall content strategy and messaging. The strategist executes detailed content models, taxonomy definition, and content relationships. They work with design team to ensure that the user experience accomplishes the project objectives. They work with the development team to ensure that features are built and structured for the maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

On top of all that, they are forced to work within constraints. The strategists work must always be cognizant of the timeline and budget requirements. This often requires the ability to think creatively and find interesting solutions to problems. The strategist will also focus on lead generation and managing the sales funnel through strategic proposals.

Specific tasks this will include:

  • Reviewing + qualifying leads that are a good fit for Modern Tribe
  • Helping define + scope projects of all sizes, ranging from $50k to over $1 million
  • Leading the proposal writing process
  • Working directly with service team directors / leads to get estimates
  • Pitching the final project / proposal to the end customer
  • Building relationships with prospective partners
  • Providing regular status updates on daily Sales scrum meetings
  • Working directly with Project Management and Strategy to handoff and oversee confirmed projects / upsell opportunities
  • Ensuring the internal CRM we use for tracking work stays updated + accurate
  • Verifying that that all workflows (proposal templates, estimate templates, etc) are documented and easily accessible
  • Maintaining strong, long-term relationships with customers once the project is underway
  • Writing outbound marketing pieces

Who You’ll Work With

On joining Modern Tribe’s team, you’ll be working hand-in-hand with our CEO Shane Pearlman and our lead sales / strategist Travis Totz. Shane is a founding partner of Modern Tribe who has been leading the company’s sales team for more than a decade, while Travis is a former partner at Westwerk who joined Modern Tribe in 2016.


We love working with each other because we have built a culture that suits us well. We work with a mix of freelancers and traditional employees, and coordinate their talents for large projects. Learn more about how our team works, what traits we look for in new team members and more here.


We are primarily seeking candidates located in America + Canada; if you’re outside North America but are within a 6 hour timezone difference (Central / South America or Europe) and still think you’d be a good fit, please apply and note why.

Personal Competencies

  • Strong communication and/or experience working as part of a remote team
  • Self-motivated, detail-oriented, strong organizational skills, with a methodical approach to all tasks
  • Ability to prioritize workloads and meet deadlines
  • Ability to work independently with minimal oversight
  • Fluent English speaker

Knowledge + Experience

  • Product development life cycle
  • Solid WP experience in a prior role as a developer or strategist and an understanding of what is possible within WP (not just experience with content updates)
  • Content strategy methodologies
  • Experience writing client in-depth client proposals
  • Experience leading teams
  • Working understanding of digital technologies (web, and native)
  • UX & IA Skills – wireframing tools, site mapping tools
  • Deep and profound love for spreadsheets and documentation
  • Experience leading enterprise projects ($100k-$1million)
  • Experience launching new products
  • Client facing experience with key contacts and building and maintaining those relationships
  • Experience in interpreting analytics

Bonus Points

  • A confidence + love for working remotely, and the potential social isolation that may bring
  • Deeper experience in
    Development – solid understanding of WordPress content models and publishing flow, understanding of key web dev technologies and their strengths and weaknesses
  • Design – ux, visual, or brand
  • Familiarity with multiple project management methodologies – waterfall, scrum, and agile when to choose which
  • Agency Experience

Pay + Perks

The strategist role at Modern Tribe is a full-time job (35+ hours/weekly). Full time salary between $65,000 – $100,000 USD We may consider a contract role for this gig as well.

Work from home, or a coworking space, or join a small crew in the Minneapolis office. We are entirely location independent (North American hours required).

Modern Tribe has been shaped as a lifestyle company: we exist to provide our team members with work that supports the lifestyles they want to see. We offer consistency in expectations, payment, support and a flexible work schedule. We believe in learning from each other and fostering personal growth. You can expect to learn a lot while working with us.

You also get to come on our awesome annual team trips.

How To Apply

BEFORE APPLYING, please take the time to read this job post carefully. So many people seem to apply without actually reading it.

With your application, make sure to include the following:

  • Links to your resume and/or LinkedIn profile
  • The names, email addresses and phone numbers of two references we can contact for feedback on your strategy experience
  • Tell us about your experience with WordPress
  • A one-sentence teaser about the most exciting project you have ever worked on (don’t worry…we’ll ask you for the full story on your interview)

PLEASE NOTE: Due to a large volume of applications we receive, we are unable to reply or consider applications or gig inquiries sent through email or LinkedIn.

About Modern Tribe Inc.

Modern Tribe, Inc. is a small, rapidly growing software & design company. We develop custom solutions for some of the world’s largest companies, government institutions and smaller growing organizations. We pride ourselves on our ability to bridge people and technology and to bring the passion and dedication of an entrepreneur to every project.

We are a digital agency. We are a product company. We are educators. In today’s world, we get to be many things to many people.

Our team is composed of talented employees and freelancers around North & South America (and a smattering across the globe). We believe in making quality products for other people and ourselves, balanced by living quality lives. We are 100% distributed.

We believe that you should be happy, helpful, curious & accountable, on top of being good at what you do. We believe life should be lived intentionally. We believe in a class of artisans and craftsman in control of their work who solve people problems rather than just build more shit. We believe in a sustainable vision of open source, and contribute consistently into the ecosystem.