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Elite Daily is hiring remote part-time writers to contribute content about dating, with a focus on online dating and dating apps. Our coverage includes service pieces (like How To Stay Friends After A Breakup, Without Making Things Awkward and 10 Messages To Send Your Bumble Match To Get The Conversation Started), first-person essays and narratives (like I Reconnected With A Guy Who Ghosted: 7 Things I Learned

and What It’s Like To Emotionally Connect With A Tinder Match You’ve Never Met), round-ups (like Guys Reveal Why Doggy Style Is Their Favorite Sex Position Ever), experiments (like I Only Messaged Guys On Tinder With Trump Quotes And They Didn’t Even Realize and I Let My BFF Make My Dating Profile And I Realized I Would’ve Rather Dated Her) and anything in between.

We’re looking for writers with a breadth of knowledge about and experience with dating in a digital world, navigating the ups and downs and WTF moments with humor and authenticity. The ideal candidate is skilled at interviewing experts, working from his/her own experience to provide advice about online dating to millennial women, and comfortable working on deadlines in a fast-paced environment. No topic is off limits, so you should be comfortable deep-diving into the “taboo,” like period sex and peeing the bed after a hookup. You should also have a unique, relatable, conversational writing voice that would fit with Elite Daily.

Writers should be available to work remotely 3-4 days a week. Shifts are 7 hours during normal business hours EST.


  • Available to work remotely at least 3-4 days per week
  • 2+ years writing experience
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • SEO knowledge is a plus
  • Having a network of expert contacts (sex therapists, psychologists, dating experts, matchmakers, etc.) is a plus
  • Knowledge of AP style is a plus

Elite Daily is a site for and by women who are discovering the world, and themselves in the process. Our writers, like our readers, come at life from a wide range of backgrounds, but we’re all eager to learn about the world around us in a way that’s relatable, honest, and fun. But most of all, we’re in search of experiences — the kinds that could change our night, the kinds that could change our mind, and the kinds that could change our life. In the meantime, while we figure out where we stand, we’re here to help each other stand up for our friends, our beliefs, and, most of all, ourselves. And when nothing goes according to plan (does it ever?), we’ll be here to laugh along with you.