As a Tech Writer for Danconia you will be tasked with writing enterprise tech-focused marketing content by researching client products, market competitors and trends. In this position, you will be required to gather all necessary information and supporting data as well as receive input from the marketing pros at Danconia to meet client requirements.

Our ideal candidate will have experience as a creative technical writer with a focus on enterprise IT systems and marketplace to include big data solutions, storage, and networks. A healthy familiarity with Splunk, Hadoop, and other analytics tools would be especially useful.

Freelance Writer Expectations:

  • Complete assigned pages on time, and complete required editing expeditiously.
  • Provide realistic workloads for a month at a time.
  • Follow style sheet and writing guidelines per Danconia standards.
  • Each assigned page will average 750-1000 words.


  • A bachelor’s degree is a plus, but we value proven talent higher.
  • Proven history of writing in the tech field or technical writing.
  • Understanding of enterprise IT is a must.
  • Applicants will be asked to produce a sample piece of writing assigned by the hiring manager prior to employment.

How to Apply:

Send your job application to bothΒ dturcotte@danconia.comΒ andΒ aadams@danconia.com.

About Danconia:

Danconia is a web design & marketing company that prides itself on solving organization challenges our clients experience. It was founded by businesspeople with decades of experience in sales and marketing, so we understand what it takes to build successful sales-driven organizations both online and off. We strive to be the best in everything that we do and to solve problems that have been deemed unsolvable by other businesses in our industry.

Our employees are as unique as the clients we serve and we wouldn’t have it any other way! Each member of our team brings their own personality, expertise, and overall badassery to our company, and their commitment to their trade is what sets us apart. We used to live that 9 to 5 office life, but have made the change, and become remote friendly, and have never looked back!

We believe the best performance is achieved when our employees are working to live rather than living to work, and we encourage individuality and creativity whenever possible. A few of us are still in NH rocking the office or home offices, some of us have thrown in the towel on the New England winters and have moved to the gorgeous mountains of TN, and others travel across the world living that nomadic lifestyle gaining invaluable worldly experience.

Regardless of where we are located, we are all collaborating daily to create epic customer stories of success through creative web design and development, SEO, and specialized marketing programs. We are looking for wicked awesome writers to join our team! If you think you might be a good fit and want to be the master of your own destiny, reach out to us; you might just be the next member of our happy growing family.