OkCupid is the only dating app/site that connects people over what really matters—and it works! Odds are a person you know has met someone on OkCupid (seriously, just ask around). Joining the OkCupid team means getting to help millions of people connect everyday.

The basics:

We’re looking for an enthusiastic customer support representative to join our care team in a full-time work from home position, where you will:

  • Handle inbound customer support requests
  • Troubleshoot user issues and determine scope
  • Escalate critical issues as needed
  • Collect feedback from users about our product
  • Contribute to our knowledge base

What’s it like to be on the support team at OkCupid?

The support team at OkCupid is small, but mighty! We’re 4 folks in total, but are part of a larger care team of about 20, that includes email and site-based moderation. Because the support team is so small relative to our user base, each support representative has full ownership over what they’re working on and the opportunity to have a huge amount of impact.

We encourage suggestions, ideas, innovation, and collaboration across teams. We’re avid collectors of information, and relay that info from our product team and engineers to our users and then back again. We like to think of ourselves as information archeologists, unearthing data and using it help our users find love, and our company get better.

Another result of our lean team size is the ability to cross-train and learn a ton. You’ll have the opportunity to answer a huge variety of questions from both free and paid users, help write knowledge base articles, monitor and reply to app reviews and social media, compile bug reports, cross-train in billing and moderation, and more.

As a team, we value curiosity, empathy, communication, positivity, responsible autonomy, and a passion for helping people. We’re also animal fans who tend to be early risers, and we’re passionate supporters of love for absolutely everyone (we take great pride in the partnerships that OkCupid has had in the past with groups like Planned Parenthood and the ACLU).

You’ll have:

  • 2 – 5 years experience in a customer service environment, preferably in web/app based support
  • The ability to understand sometimes complicated scenarios and respond with appropriate and well-thought-out written solutions
  • A thirst for learning, and a passion for helping others learn
  • Curiosity and interest in asking hard questions and digging for answers
  • Excellent judgement, including knowing when to escalate and how to prioritize
  • Enjoys finding discrepancies and putting together patterns
  • Sensitivity and empathy to a diverse and global user base
  • Strong web savvy and an understanding of internet norms and interactions
  • Experience using Android and iPhone apps
  • The ability to work reliably and independently from home, with at least one day available during the weekend

You’ll also be a key part of the team as we move support centers and rework our knowledge base, so you should be flexible and excited about trying new things.

Bonus points for:

  • Fluency in a second language (Hebrew and Hindi especially)
  • Familiarity with OkCupid
  • Prior success working in a remote environment
  • Experience writing and organizing knowledge bases

What are the perks?

  • Competitive salary and full benefits, including Medical, Dental, Vision, and 401k
  • Work from home perks: snack boxes, reimbursement for home office setup, create your own schedule (also soon to include company provided computers)
  • Happy hours and other events if you live in the NYC area
  • Amazing coworkers

In your cover letter: 

  • Tell us about the two customer support situations you’re most proud of taking care of, and one that you think you could have done better at
  • Include the keyword “okcupidcare”
  • Tell us your favorite joke

OkCupid is an equal opportunity employer that celebrates diversity and is deeply committed to fostering an inclusive environment for all employees. In Customer Care, we support a diverse and global user base so it’s especially critical to have a wide range of voices and experiences on our team.

We encourage people of all backgrounds to apply, and  review applications for employment without regard to the applicant’s race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expressions, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, marital or family status or any other basis prohibited by applicable law. And also because we’re not jerks.