Join us. Work with a company that aims to make the world a better place. Lifehack is a site that shares life-changing knowledge in exceptional and creative ways. We are smart, innovative and most importantly, authentic.Ā  It’s in our DNA to improve lives by combining content with data technology.

Job Summary:Ā 

Are you not satisfied with the content quality in the market? Do you have a burning desire to reformulate our modern reading behaviour? Do you love to take challenges and make a difference in the world? Then imagine what you can do with a team of bright and open minds, with the same ultimate goal and an attitude to be highly efficient and productive.

This is an exceptional opportunity where you’ll get to work with over 500+ international writers and managers, be the source of trending topics around the globe and set standards for high quality content. It is the passionate content creator’s dream to be able to work with unique content creation tools (developed by Lifehack engineers!)Ā  We are providing the best resources for the best candidate for the best output.

The Content Director will be part Editor in Chief, part Strategy Planner, part Project Manager, part Executive Producer, part Creator and part Recruiter (and so on..).Ā  In short, we need someone to RULE the content of Lifehack, being able to identify key action items in order to change the world.

This is the job for you if you are willing to shoulder really successful content, work hard and be a driver of world-impacting opportunities. You will also need to be proactive and flexible in order to to cope with the fast-changing industry.


  • Set top level direction for Lifehack’s content, review and establish goals for overall quality standards.
  • Deliver and execute strategic roadmaps for both SEO and premium content.
  • Define content quality standards and style guides that align with Lifehack’s business mission and unique identity.
  • Review Lifehack content and offer actionable feedback for our editorial team.
  • Keep up with latest media trends and SEO guides to get our content read by the world.
  • Create and adjust training materials for in-house and freelance editorial teams, based on content performance and strategy updates.


  • At least 4+ years of editorial experience in paid content or branded publication.
  • A strong sense and knowledge of our target audience – The Generation X.
  • Show deep understanding of social media and SEO requirements.
  • Be flexible and comfortable to work with the following categories:
  • – psychology
  • – health
  • – productivity
  • – lifestyle
  • Able to work remotely but still deliver timely output.
  • Energetic, passionate with an ability to see challenges as possibilities.