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Seeking professional comic book artist to create all digital colored drawings of team members, based on photo references, dressed in different pop culture outfits.

The work would be similar to doing paid sketches at a comic convention, but from the comfort of your own home and without any cost for paper or materials.

Qualified artists should have done multiple books with a leading comic book publisher such as Marvel, DC or Image.


  • This project is to create full color character drawings of Mattermost, Inc. staff members dressed in outfits of popular culture characters, for example Spiderman, Wonder Woman, etc.
  • To make efficient use of an artist’s time, orders for character sketches will be placed in minimum batches of 5, to be delivered within 2-3 weeks of an order (if timeline is not reasonable, artist should let us know).
  • Mattermost, Inc. will provide references by email with the subject “Mattermost Character: [NAME_OF_PERSON]” and include one or two photographs of the subject’s face along with a reference image of an image from pop culture in which to dress the character (for example, Spiderman, Wonder Woman, etc.)
  • CHARACTER DRAWING in PSD – Character drawing should be in full color from head to toe, delivered as a layered PSD file 3300 pixels wide by 5100 pixels high (approximately dimensions of 11×17 sheet of paper). Character should be on its own layer, with a WHITE background. File should be named [NAME_OF_PERSON]_11x17.psd. For example for the email with the subject “Mattermost Character: HENRY” the file should be named “HENRY_3300x5100.psd”.
  • CHARACTER DRAWING in PNG – Please save smaller version, 1100×1700 pixels, as PNG named “[NAME_OF_PERSON]_1100x1700.png”
  • PROFILE PIC – The artist should also produce a 600×600 image of just the character’s face, to be used in profile pictures in PNG format. This file should be named “[NAME_OF_PERSON]_600x600.png”
  • Files should be uploaded to Google Drive and links sent via replies to the original email.


  • We offer $375 USD for 5 completed character drawing projects, including assets stated (which is $75 USD per drawing).
  • Once agreed, we may mutually agree in email on additional projects and timelines at the rate of $75 USD per drawing project with a minimum of 5 drawing projects unless otherwise agreed.
  • Fees payable within 15 days of receiving an invoice. Example of invoice can be found here: http://bit.ly/2oX6pNY