Are you looking for the best job in the world? You’ve found it. Fiverr is looking to add a Chief Digital Nomad to their global team of doers for a contract position over the next four months. What is a Chief Digital Nomad you ask?

The Chief Digital Nomad will join Fiverr as a remote employee, traveling for four months in order to discover, uncover, and report on entrepreneurial lives abroad. As champions of a life outside of the 9 to 5, it’s critical we share as much as we can about how entrepreneurs live, work, and thrive. Giving these experiences a platform will enable other doers to shine. And it being The Year of Do, we’re looking for a true doer. Someone in charge of asking the tough questions, and doing what it takes to find the answers. You’ll be asked to engage the local entrepreneurial communities with events, interviews, and knowledge shares. And from those engagements, you’ll need to craft inspiring and educational stories to share on Fiverr’s channels through video, blog posts, social content and more. If you’re comfortable shooting and starring in video content, and have a strong social presence, you’re already halfway there.

You will be traveling on a free, four-month Remote Year® program with a community of other professional nomads from a variety of different backgrounds. In each city you will have beautiful accommodations, 24/7 access to coworking spaces, and opportunities to explore and engage with your host city. This is a chance ripe for inspiration, ingenuity, and creativity. While a great candidate will immerse themselves in the Fiverr brand, the perfect candidate will have their own flair to add.

Applications close: February 25, 2018

Training starts: April 24, 2018

Travel begins: April 29, 2018

Travel ends: August 25, 2018

Think you’ve got what it takes to seize this opportunity of a lifetime? Read on:


  • Create a steady stream of exciting and engaging content for the Fiverr blog, social channels and beyond
  • Become a Fiverr global brand ambassador—learn the ins and outs of the Fiverr brand, from our mission to our brand voice and tone
  • Know the ins and outs of the product (existing Fiverr user a plus)
  • Work with Fiverr liaisons in each location to plan and execute community engagements and events
  • Report weekly on progress and insights


  • Willingness to work 25 hour weeks in a foreign country
  • Are comfortable meeting new people, quickly befriending them, and getting them to tell their best stories, and entrepreneurial secrets
  • Knowledge of the Gig economy is a plus
  • Know how to film, edit and upload video
  • Have great photography skills, and the Instagram to prove it
  • Comfortable with social media (can host a kick-ass FB live)
  • Can-do attitude to organize small meetups and gatherings in foreign countries
  • Passion for other cultures
  • Be approachable, outgoing, curious, and a lot of fun

Check out our blog for an FAQ on the position


  • Opportunity of a lifetime to travel and learn about other cultures, while documenting it all
  • High-quality camera and computer to create amazing content with
  • Free, 4-month trip and salary (25 hours/week), including your airfare and lodging
  • Complete autonomy outside of the required working hours to explore, travel, flourish, and freelance, obv.
  • Flight to a Fiverr office (either our HQ in Tel Aviv, US HQ in NYC, or SF) for one week training prior to the trip