About Love to Ride

Love to Ride is the online platform that gets more people riding. We make it easy and fun to encourage our friends and co-workers to ride.

We also support people new to riding to ride more often. Providing information, incentives and encouragement to overcome their barriers to riding.


Since being established in 2008, we are now in 9 countries. More than 135,000 people have participated in our programs including 41,000 people who didn’t ride before taking part. On average 40% of these new riders take up riding once a week or more often.

We believe…

We believe that life is much better when we feel happy, healthy, energized and connected to the people and places around us. We believe riding a bike has so many benefits to us individually, to our communities and our world.

We know how good it feels to ride and we want more people to experience this feeling too.

Find out more about us at www.lovetoride.org and check out our blog www.getmorepeoplecycling.com

  • Project Manager for Promoting Bicycle Riding

    Love to Ride Love to Ride is an online platform using behaviour change to get more people riding. Help us break down barriers to get more people #cycling. #YearoftheBike
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    • July 16